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I firmly believe that our first duty as Americans and people of the world is to remember the sacrifices of others. Sports broadcasting gave me my voice. Now, I’m using that voice and all of the skills that I have learned to honor the heroes of history. By eternalizing the stories of these individuals, I hope that I can remind everyone why we should never take anything in this life for granted. As time goes on, this website will serve as a resource for all generations to understand why we must always honor the ultimate symbols of our freedom.   



Duty Goes Both Ways

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Always Ready. Always There. Happy 380th Birthday To The National Guard

Always ready. Always there. That is not a motto to be taken lightly but it is one that has defined the National Guard for 380 years. Throughout our history the guard has enabled the citizen soldier to help shape the future of our country. Let us never forget the many sacrifices made by the members of the National Guard.

The 75th Anniversary Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

"Yesterday, December 7, 1941 -a date which will live in infamy." Those words carry as much weight today as they did 75 years ago when President Roosevelt addressed the nation. How you respond to adversity and uncertainty says everything about who you are. After that fateful attack we rediscovered our strength, we unified our country, and we fulfilled our duty to ourselves and the world. That is who we are as Americans.

This Is Why We Stand: Joseph Vittori

Every man who has been issued the Medal of Honor is bound by a belief. There is an immeasurable strength found in these men and it all stems from their commitment to duty. Corporal Joseph Vittori fulfilled his commitment to his country and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Vittori embodied the creed of the United States Marine Corps in every way. During an assault on Hill 749 during the Korean War, he volunteered to defend a machine gun position on the Northern part of the American line. His position was almost entirely isolated from the rest of his unit. During the battle, a 100-yard breach was made in the American Line. Vittori ran from flank to flank, firing on the rapidly adva



I will use my skills to help anyone that I can. No one will be forgotten and no place is out of reach. 


From a very young age I have understood that my place in this world is the result of sacrifices made by others. My passion for Military history helped to fuel that belief and has been a constant in my life ever since. .


I have been fortunate enough to have worked for the New York Giants, Madison Square Garden, & ESPN Radio Albany. I have hosted my own sports talk show called, The Sports Vault for over 5 years. These experiences continue to enhance my creative capabilities. 


Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my mission with others. Whether it's in front of a camera, microphone, or classroom, I am open to every form of communication. .



Rye, NY, 10580


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