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I firmly believe that our first duty as Americans and people of the world is to remember the sacrifices of others. Sports broadcasting gave me my voice. Now, I’m using that voice and all of the skills that I have learned to honor the heroes of history. By eternalizing the stories of these individuals, I hope that I can remind everyone why we should never take anything in this life for granted. As time goes on, this website will serve as a resource for all generations to understand why we must always honor the ultimate symbols of our freedom.   



Duty Goes Both Ways

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A Frozen Nightmare: The Battle of the Chosin Reservoir

For 30,000 American and United Nations troops at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea during the winter of 1950, the subzero temperatures they faced were the least of their troubles. Lured into a trap and surrounded by approximately 120,000 communist Chinese soldiers, those who found themselves here were cast into a frigid nightmare where the very limits of human endurance were pushed beyond comprehension. The hour was dark, but through the fighting spirit of the First Marine Division, Army infantrymen, and many others, the Americans and their allies escaped annihilation, breaking out of Chosin after two agonizing weeks of relentless combat. For the Marines, Chosin earned the distinction as “

President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

From July 1-3, 1863, the fate of America hung in the balance at the crossroads town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Over the course of those three momentous days, General Robert E. Lee and his mighty Army of Northern Virginia came close to achieving a potential war-winning victory in the Civil War, but General George G. Meade and his Army of the Potomac stood tall when it mattered most, beating back ferocious Confederate attacks and emerging triumphant. When combined with General Ulysses S. Grant’s conquest of the mighty Mississippi River fortress of Vicksburg on July 4, the Army of the Potomac’s triumph at Gettysburg turned the tide of the Civil War toward ultimate victory for the Union. With

Titans of War: The Five Greatest Generals in American History

Over the course of American history, the United States has been blessed with some of the most remarkable commanders ever to set foot on a battlefield. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, World War II, and beyond, many Americans have skillfully led their armies and soldiers, but I believe that George Washington, Winfield Scott, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and George S. Patton distinguished themselves as our nation’s five greatest generals. They were truly America’s titans of war. George Washington In June 1775, the delegates of the Second Continental Congress selected George Washington of Virginia to lead the newly formed Continental Army against the British Crown. Although he h

This Is Why We Stand Veterans Day Show

As Americans, we have so very much to be grateful for. Let us never forget that we owe all of the great freedoms we enjoy to the generations of American veterans who have always stood firm, answering the call to serve whenever and wherever our country has needed them. To all who have served and sacrificed, we can never express our gratitude enough. Just as our veterans have always been there for us, we too must always be there to support them. It has been the greatest honor of my life getting to meet and share the stories of many of the incredible veterans who have dedicated themselves to our country. Whether in a frigid foxhole in Bastogne, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge of the Seco

This Is Why We Stand: Moment In History - Abraham Lincoln Elected President

On Tuesday, November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States, winning one of the most fateful elections in American history and becoming the first Republican to win the presidency. As Lincoln stood on the steps of the U.S. Capitol during his inauguration on March 4, 1861, seven states from the Deep South had seceded and Jefferson Davis had been named the provisional President of the Confederate States of America. One month later, Confederate guns opened fire on Fort Sumter, marking the beginning of the bloodiest four years in American history. The leader of a broken nation, Lincoln “was the only president in American history whose entire administration wa



I will use my skills to help anyone that I can. No one will be forgotten and no place is out of reach. 


From a very young age I have understood that my place in this world is the result of sacrifices made by others. My passion for Military history helped to fuel that belief and has been a constant in my life ever since. .


I have been fortunate enough to have worked for the New York Giants, Madison Square Garden, & ESPN Radio Albany. I have hosted my own sports talk show called, The Sports Vault for over 5 years. These experiences continue to enhance my creative capabilities. 


Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my mission with others. Whether it's in front of a camera, microphone, or classroom, I am open to every form of communication. .



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