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I firmly believe that our first duty as Americans and people of the world is to remember the sacrifices of others. Sports broadcasting gave me my voice. Now, I’m using that voice and all of the skills that I have learned to honor the heroes of history. By eternalizing the stories of these individuals, I hope that I can remind everyone why we should never take anything in this life for granted. As time goes on, this website will serve as a resource for all generations to understand why we must always honor the ultimate symbols of our freedom.   



Duty Goes Both Ways

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The Christmas Truce of 1914

By December 1914, there were no illusions about the horrors of the First World War. Just months after Europe had been set ablaze by conflict, the constant roar of artillery and the thunderous fire from weapons large and small were becoming a routine part of life for the soldiers huddled in their trenches along the Western Front. Although Europe’s clashing superpowers refused to create any official cease-fire to allow for the celebration of Christmas, when the holiday approached, some opposing soldiers on the frontlines found the spirit of Christmas well alive in their hearts. Late on Christmas Eve 1914, soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force were greeted by the sounds of carols coming f

George Washington and the Daring Campaign That Saved the American Revolution

General George Washington’s defeated and dispirited Continental Army was the picture of desperation in December 1776. Conditions in the army were simply miserable. The Commander-in-Chief reported that some of his troops were “so thinly clad as to be unfit for service,” and another officer described his starving comrades as resembling “animated scarecrows.” To make matters worse, the British Crown appeared to be on the brink of victory in the Revolutionary War, causing many to lose hope in the fight for American Independence. During this dark time, the famous writer and Patriot Thomas Paine wrote in The American Crisis, “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sun

Battle of the Bulge: George S. Patton and the U.S. Army's Finest Hour of World War II

Adolf Hitler once predicted that the Third Reich would “last a thousand years,” but by December 1944, every day brought Nazi Germany closer to destruction. With American and British forces bearing down on Germany from the west and the Soviet Union closing in from the east, Hitler decided to launch a massive counterattack against the western Allies. By sending three armies composed of nearly 250,000 troops and 1,000 tanks to smash through the Ardennes Forest along the German borders with Belgium and Luxembourg, the Führer hoped to seize the vital port of Antwerp and to drive a wedge between the Americans and the British. If his offensive bloodied the western Allies badly enough, Hitler believ

This Is Why We Stand Radio Show: December 2019 Edition

On the latest episode of This Is Why We Stand on Westchester Talk Radio, I was honored to be joined by U.S. Coast Guard veteran Dr. Michael J. Doria, Vietnam War veterans Thomas J. Giorgi and William Nazario, and Army veteran Victor Gonzalez. I thank all of these guests for sharing their stories with me and I hope you enjoy the show! I also express my sincere gratitude to Andrea Molina, Sherry Toplyn, and everyone from the Family Services of Westchester and the Lanza Family Center. This program would not have been possible without their generosity. Dr. Michael J. Doria on his nonprofit, Vets Treating Vets, a telemental health service exclusively for veterans by veterans. Thomas J. Giorgi on

America's Game: Army Vs. Navy 2019

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen will face off on the gridiron for the 120th time. There are many premier matchups in college football, but nothing outshines the historic rivalry between Army and Navy. Army football head coach Jeff Monken has led the Black Knights in five of these heavyweight bouts and describes the matchup as “the greatest rivalry in sports.” His counterpart at Navy, Ken Niumatalolo, is also a veteran of this fierce competition and adds, “this rivalry touches our whole country.” When they take the field, the cadets of the United States Military Academy and the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy will dedicate every oun

December 7, 1941: "a date which will live in infamy"

December 7, 1941 will forever be “a date which will live in infamy,” as President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said. On that fateful Sunday 78 years ago, “the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan.” The Japanese strike against the American naval base at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu in Hawaii delivered a crushing blow to the U.S. Pacific Fleet, destroying or damaging nearly 20 vessels, including the eight battleships in port, and over 300 airplanes. American losses included 2,403 servicemen and civilians killed and 1,178 wounded. The unsettling day was filled with tragedy, but in the midst of the chaos, heroes em

Army-Navy Media Day: Interview With Army Football Head Coach Jeff Monken

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen will face off on the gridiron for the 120th time. Army football head coach Jeff Monken is an incredible leader and a man I have gained the most profound respect for while covering his team this season. This week, I had the tremendous honor of interviewing coach Monken about the significance of the Army-Navy rivalry and much more.



I will use my skills to help anyone that I can. No one will be forgotten and no place is out of reach. 


From a very young age I have understood that my place in this world is the result of sacrifices made by others. My passion for Military history helped to fuel that belief and has been a constant in my life ever since. .


I have been fortunate enough to have worked for the New York Giants, Madison Square Garden, & ESPN Radio Albany. I have hosted my own sports talk show called, The Sports Vault for over 5 years. These experiences continue to enhance my creative capabilities. 


Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my mission with others. Whether it's in front of a camera, microphone, or classroom, I am open to every form of communication. .



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