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My Mission Continued in 2017


In 2016, I saw an athlete who became the center of attention by refusing to stand. I then became disheartened to see others following him. My belief in the American flag and everything that it represents has never wavered. Sports broadcasting gave me my voice. I knew that it was my duty to find a way to use that voice to counter the misguided wave of disrespect that had ensued. That is when I created, This Is Why We Stand. A digital series that conveys the true meaning of the American Flag by eternalizing the sacrifices of our service members. I was honored and inspired by the support of my series this past year. In 2017, I am resolute in continuing to build upon my mission. I know that in the future this website will serve as a reminder to all generations why we must always stand and honor the American Flag. I leave this post with the words of Ronald Reagan, as I so often do, " Yes, America is still a symbol to a few, a symbol that is feared and hated, but to more, many millions more, a symbol that is loved, a country that remains a shining city on a hill."

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