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This Is Why We Stand: George Washington Crossing The Delaware River.


More than two-thirds of U.S. Presidents did some form of military service before becoming commander in chief. That pattern of fulfillment to duty all started with our very first President, George Washington. Today we honor the father of our nation, and the eternal legacy he left behind. There is perhaps no greater image of American courage and determination than that of George Washington and the Continental Army crossing the frigid Delaware River on December 25, 1776. The fight for independence offered hardships that none of us will ever have to bear. Washington’s army had fought battle after battle, with no decisive victories ever in sight. His men were demoralized, but they were not broken. On that fateful Christmas morning, Washington and his 2,400 soldiers boarded their boats and headed directly into a severe winter storm. Coordination was difficult. The harsh elements did the Continental’s no favors, and the crossing had almost been cancelled. Through it all, Washington persisted, and because he had the courage to do so, the Continental Army earned its first major military victory of the Revolutionary War. Building this nation has never been easy. We know all too well the price that has been required to live the way that we do. It has taken generations of men like Washington and the soldiers of the Continental Army to preserve our freedom. The courage and determination that they showed on that day is ingrained in all of us. We are brave, we are noble, and we are united.

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