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Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park: Spanish-American War Cannon

As promised, today I’m continuing to share more of the photos and stories that I gathered from my visit to Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park in Groton Connecticut. This was the sight of the largest battle fought in Connecticut during the Revolutionary War on September 6, 1781.

There is so much more to Fort Griswold than just its ties to the American Revolution. An example of this can be found in front of the Groton Monument, which is hard to miss standing at 135 feet tall.

The Groton Monument. Built between 1826 and 1830. It's built of granite quarried locally. There are 166 steps leading to the top of the monument.

In front of this monument dedicated to the defenders of

Fort Griswold is a Spanish-American War Cannon. This massive piece of artillery was taken off the Spanish flagship, the Marie-Teresa. It is written on, “The cannon fired upon American ships as the Marie-Teresa tried to steam out of Cuba’s Santiago Harbor during the Spanish-American War.”

The Spanish-American War Cannon at Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park.

This cannon is an amazing piece of history that only enhances the experience on these memorable grounds. There is an almost indescribable feeling that comes along with being able to touch an artifact of such significance. Artifacts like this tell stories that need to be told and that is why we must always work tirelessly to preserve them.

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