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National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day


July 27, 2017 has been designated as National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. An official press release from the White House states that on this day, "we honor the patriots who defended the Korean Peninsula against the spread of Communism in what became the first major conflict of the Cold War." More than 36,000 Americans lost their lives during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953.

In this video, I provide a comprehensive overview of the Korean War, often remembered as America's "Forgotten War."

On July 27, 1953, an armistice was signed between North Korea, China, and the United Nations to bring hostilities to an end. While the armistice put a stop to the fighting, a final peaceful settlement between North and South Korea has never been reached.

North and South Korea are currently separated by the 38th parallel. This line divides the Korean peninsula roughly in half. (Photo:

Nearly 64 years since the armistice, American troops remain in the region to defend South Korea in the event of another attack launched by the North. According to the White House, "At this moment, more than 28,000 American troops maintain a strong allied presence along the 38th parallel."

American and South Korean troops. (Photo: japan

There is no question that North Korea remains a considerable threat to the safety and security of South Korea, the United States, and other nations around the world. As we prepare for the challenges that may present themselves in the future, we must always remember the courage of our heroes who fought for South Korea's survival during the Korean War.

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