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Mystic, Connecticut: The Soldiers' Monument


I have been visiting Mystic, Connecticut my entire life. There is so much history in this area that I always try to take some time to explore. One such example is the Soldiers' Monument that was erected in 1883 to honor Mystic's Civil War Veterans.

The front face of the monument reads, "Dedicated to the brave sons of Mystic who offered their lives to their country in the war of the rebellion, 1861-1865."

Four major battles from the Civil War are listed on each side of the monument. The front face lists the Battle of Antietam, the northwest face lists the Battle of Port Hudson, and the northeast face lists the Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Drury's Bluff is the final engagement that is listed and can be found on the southwest face of the Soldiers' Monument.

According to, "The monument was funded by Charles Henry Mallory, who operated a steamship line in New York." Mallory's father was a wealthy Mystic shipbuilder and whaler.

The Soldiers' Monument is composed of granite that was quarried in nearby Westerly, Rhode Island.

Monuments like this can be found in every corner of this country. I believe that we should always take some time to visit these sacred markers to pay our respects to the heroes who have safeguarded our freedom.

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