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National Book Lovers Day


Today, National Book Lovers Day is being celebrated around the internet. People have taken to platforms like Twitter to share their love of reading and their favorite books.

When the U.S. Army posted on Twitter and asked people to list some of their favorite military books, one piece of work came to mind immediately for me.

You could spend a lifetime reading all the great works pertaining to military history, but my absolute favorite in this genre is 1776 by David McCullough. 1776 tells the story of arguably the most important year in American history. This was the year of the birth of our nation and one of unimaginable difficulty for George Washington and his inexperienced, under-equipped army. America's survival was in the hands of Washington and McCullough describes with the greatest detail just how difficult of a task this was.

McCullough's Pulitzer Prize winning bestseller is of the utmost importance to me because it tells a story that every American should be familiar with. 1776 shows us where the foundation of our strength as a nation comes from and the examples set by George Washington that live on to this day.

I think we all have a special connection to a certain book or story that stays with us forever. That is certainly the case for me with 1776. On this National Book Lovers Day, I urge everyone to spend some time thinking about your favorite piece of work and why it's so important to you.

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