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The New York State Women Veterans Memorial


The New York State Women Veterans Memorial on the Empire State Plaza in Albany honors women who have offered service to the United States Military over the past 200 years. While this memorial focuses on the contributions of women veterans from New York State, it’s important to note that American women from around the country have faithfully served our nation since the Revolutionary War.

At the center of the New York State Women Veterans Memorial is an eight-foot-high bronze statue by Albany artist Hy Rosen. This statue depicts Liberty standing on the crown of England and breaking free from the bonds of colonization. The right arm of Liberty is triumphantly raised and carrying the New York State flag. According to the New York State Office of General Services, “The statue is meant to symbolize the spirit, strength, and commitment of the women who defended our nation and its principles, from the Revolutionary War to the present.”

To the left and right of the figure of Liberty are two cast bronze bas-relief sculptures with images of women veterans from different eras of service.

The memorial area also includes three engraved historical plaques constructed in bronze. Each plaque lists facts about the history of women veterans in New York State. (You can view all three plaque's in the photo gallery below.)

During the ground-breaking ceremony for the memorial in June 1998, Governor George E. Pataki said, “Throughout history, women have made tremendous sacrifices serving our nation with distinction. We have a duty and an obligation to acknowledge New York State women veterans’ service in the name of freedom, and give family and friends a place to quietly remember their loved ones.”

It is the duty of each and every American to honor our veterans past and present. By visiting beautiful memorials such as this one, we show our heroes that we shall never break faith with them. I encourage everyone to visit the New York State Women Veterans Memorial and all the other incredible places of tribute on the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

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