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Welcome to the Intellectual Combat Podcast

In February 2018, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Doody about his service as a U.S. Army infantry veteran for This Is Why We Stand on Westchester Talk Radio. Since that time, Mike has been an essential part of the show, always providing meaningful insights about the military, entrepreneurship, and much more. Working with such a determined and hardworking veteran like Mike has been a tremendous honor for me.

In early 2019, Mike approached me about starting up a podcast with him and I immediately jumped at the idea. With the goal of interviewing American veterans, sports and news broadcasters, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an interesting story to share, the Intellectual Combat podcast was launched on March 10. Our first guest was Dan Diedrich, a U.S. Army veteran who Mike served with. Dan was the perfect guest for our inaugural episode, talking about his time in the military, the principles of leadership, and the importance of honoring and supporting veterans.

On the second episode of Intellectual Combat, Mike and I had the thrill of interviewing Vegas Golden Knights broadcaster Dan D’Uva. Nicknamed the "Sicilian Soundbyte," D'Uva could not have been more generous with his time, especially when you consider how hectic his schedule is during the hockey season. The stories from his career and his wisdom about what it takes to succeed in sports broadcasting truly made this a podcast I won't soon forget.

I can’t thank Dan Diedrich and Dan D’Uva enough for helping Mike and I get the podcast started on such a high note. There is still much more to come from Intellectual Combat. Until then, I hope you enjoy these first two episodes.

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