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This Is Why We Stand Radio Show: The Marines, Petey the Paratrooper, Army Football, and More

On the latest episode of This Is Why We Stand on Westchester Talk Radio, I was honored to be joined by U.S. Marine Corps veterans Gail Goodson and Andrea Molina, Vietnam War veteran and author Ronny Ymbras, and Army football reporter Ken Kraetzer. I thank all of these great guests for sharing their wisdom and I hope you enjoy the show!

Gail Goodson on her service as a Marine and her work with Hudson Valley Honor Flight.

Andrea Molina on her service in the U.S. Marine Corps and her current role as the Director of Veteran Services, Vet2Vet for Westchester County.

Vietnam War veteran and author Ronny Ymbras on his new book, Petey the Paratrooper.

Army Black Knights Football report with Ken Kraetzer.

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