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Honor to Old Glory and the U.S. Army


A sacred bond exists between the American flag and the United States Army. Today, we honor the birth of these two revered symbols of our freedom. The flag and the Army have been inseparably connected with each other since the founding days of our nation. From the American Revolution and beyond, wherever an American soldier has stood and fought, Old Glory has always been there, guiding the way forward on the battlefield, and eternally watching over the valiant titans who gave the last full measure of devotion.

What we know today as the United States Army was officially established on June 14, 1775 by the Second Continental Congress. Initially referred to as the Army of the United Colonies and later the Continental Army, the first generation of American soldiers who filled the Army's ranks ultimately persevered for eight long years under the command of General George Washington to secure American Independence. Poorly fed and supplied, rarely if ever paid, and constantly plagued by scores of other issues during the long struggle, those soldiers followed the example of unbreakable fortitude set by Washington and gave our nation its life. That remarkable standard of service has been sustained over time by preceding generations of American soldiers.

Adopted as the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, the Stars and Stripes have flown beside the soldiers of the U.S. Army and all who have served our nation across the battlefields of every major conflict in our nation’s history. Old Glory is a timeless monument that has borne witness to the countless sacrifices that have shaped our nation. The generations of warriors who made those sacrifices live on through the timeless power of the American flag. By standing together to honor our flag, we truly preserve the memories and legacies of all our heroes of history. So long as we never break faith with Old Glory, they will always be standing by, dutifully watching over us from above and helping to guide us toward a brighter future as “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Read about some of the greatest soldiers in American history and pivotal Army moments across the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II using the hyperlinks below.

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